Get the Greenlight by following Building Regulations in Hampshire

Sometimes, the local authorities request building regulation drawings after approving plans. As well as providing architectural planning services in Hampshire, Architecture & Planning Southampton can produce these for an additional fee.

What Are Building Regulations Drawings?

Building regulations drawings are a set of plans and specifications detailing the exact materials and methods to be used in a construction project. They outline how all work has been planned in compliance with the local authorities’ guidelines. For smaller jobs, these are not always essential, but on large construction projects or projects involving structural steelwork, a full plans approval submission may be required.

In some cases, the builders who are contracted to carry out the work also take on responsibility for working to the required standard and submitting a building notice application instead. We produce building regulations drawings on request, but we’ll let your builders handle this side of the planning if you prefer. In either case, the fee is payable to the local authority and is judged on the estimated cost of the construction altogether.

Why Do I Need Building Regulations Drawings?

On some occasions, it could still be to your benefit to obtain building regulation drawings, even if they are not required by the local authorities. For instance, if you are considering selling the property in the near future, after work is completed, you need the full building regulations work in order to receive a certificate of completion. This confirms that the building work is up to standard and is essential for the buyer’s mortgage company.

Also, if you are intending to obtain multiple quotations from builders to compare their quotes, building regulations drawings allow you to compare like for like. with the exact materials and construction techniques already laid out, you have a precise basis for all the various quotations.

Regulations for Extensions and New Builds

At each of the seven major stages of construction, the local authorities will inspect the work on your extension or new build to ensure that it complies with their guidelines. Building regulations are very in-depth and are updated regularly. They can be read in full on the Communities and Local Government website. In order to be approved a certificate of completion, your project must comply with Parts A to P, a fact which we incorporate into our planning.

Seven Stages of Construction

Seven Stages of Construction

  • Commencement

  • Digging Footings and Laying Foundations

  • Damp-Proof Course Level

  • Oversite – Laying Concrete Floor Slabs

  • Drains

  • Pre-Plasterboard

  • Completion

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