Supporting Property Development in Hampshire

Trust Architecture & Planning Southampton Ltd to support your property development in Hampshire. Whether you’re converting a home or a block of flats, we provide comprehensive advice and support at all stages of planning, from drawing up building designs to contacting the relevant authorities to approve your project.

Meeting Your Needs

We put your needs first and foremost in our architectural planning services, so it’s always great to start with an initial meeting at your property to discuss them. Developing your ideas and applying them to the existing layout of the property, we create an initial design scheme. This provides a practical plan for your development project, while also adhering to the local authorities’ building regulations.

Based on our preliminary drawing, we consult with you for any adjustments or feedback you may have, in order to develop a fully detailed design within the next 7 days. Our goal is to keep your building costs at a minimum through careful design and choice of materials, while also taking advantage of all available space.

Approval for Your Property Development

Once our design scheme is complete, we apply for planning and building approval from the relevant authorities by sending them our plans. Having worked closely with authorities such as Southampton Planning Department in the past, we assure clients that our planning applications are completed to the highest standard.

For an additional fee, we are able to produce building regulations drawings, which the authorities may request before they give the green-light for construction on larger property developments. If required, we also help you find tradesmen who can carry out construction work, by forwarding our designs to a selection of suitable builders who will return a full written quotation for your approval.

Contact us in Southampton for support with your property development, from building design to planning permission, in Hampshire