Legal and Licensing Services in Hampshire

Applications for Change of Use

Any new business will require a change of use application if that building does not already have that type of licence. For example, if you need to install an extraction system in a restaurant, we will prepare all plans and forms and even include specifications.

Applications for Liquor Licenses

Liquor licences require building plans for both personal licences and business licences. We complete these applications and submit them to the relevant departments for you.

New Sign Shopfront Applications

Installing a new sign on your business’ shopfront requires an application. We will prepare all plans and designs for signage and lighting and submit all application forms.

Land Registry Applications

Any land registry issues, such as the buying and selling of land, will require measuring and plotting out the relevant land in several different scales for land registry approval. We offer this service to solicitors, estate agents, and private individuals.

Enforcement Notices

Enforcement notices are issued when the council contacts you to notify you that you do not have permission for an extension, change of use, or any other planning issue. Typically, you will be required to complete a retrospective application, which means applying for planning permission after you have built your extension. We have had many years of experience in completing these applications, and our pass rate is very high.

Design and Access Statements

We provide design and access statements, which are short reports accompanying and supporting a planning application. This statement illustrates the process that has led to the development proposal, providing a structured explanation and justification of the proposal.

Flood Risk Assessments

For properties in high-risk zones, we assess the risk of flooding, particularly in relation to residential, commercial, and industrial land use, and report back to you. This is especially useful to have if your property is located in flood zones 2 and 3.

Listed Building Applications

These are required in order to carry out any works to a listed building that will affect its special value for listing purposes. This will almost certainly be required for any kind of major work, but it may also be necessary for minor alterations, repairs and maintenance, or a change of use.

Contact us in Southampton to discuss how we support licensing applications, such as land registry, for building projects in Hampshire.